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Aamiya (आमिया)Nectar ; delight amlan unfading ; ever bright
Aanya Gracious, full of Grace or with grace. Some source indicates that this name is based on "Hannah" (Hebrew) which means "with grace".
Aashika (आशिका)Lovable


Abha lustre, shine
Abhati splendour, light
Abhaya fearless
Abhidha literal meaning
Abhidhya wish, longing
Abhijna remembrance, recollection
Abhilasa desire, wish
Abhilasha desire
Abhinithi that which is already been performed, friendship
Abhiprithi full of love
Abhirathi (अभ्यर्थी)Pleasure
Abhisri surrounded by glory, shining, powerful
Abhithi fearlessness
Abja born in water
Aboil the name of a flower
Achala constant
Acira brief, swift, fast
Adarsha ideal
Adhira lightning
Adishree (अदिश्री)Exalted; A person at a high or powerful level; Of a noble, elevated, or lofty nature
Aditha the first root
Adithi freedom, safety, abundance
Aditi (अदिति)Boundless, Entire or Freedom, Security or Mother of gods
Adrija of the mountain, another name for parvathi
Adrika celestial
Advika (अडविका)Unique
Adya first, unparalleled
Aghanashini destroyer of sins
Agrata leadership
Agrima leadership
Ahalya Rishi Gautam's wife, woman rescued by Lord Rama
Ahilya maiden
Ahladita in happy mood
Ahladitha delighted
Aisha (आइशा)Life; Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
Aishani Goddess Durga
Aishwarya (ऐश्वर्या)Prosperity; Wealth
Ajala the earth
Ajanta famous Buddist cave
Ajeeta invincible, unconquerable
Ajith (अजित)Sanskrit अ (a) meaning "not" and जित (jith) meaning "conquered". Therefore, it means Unconquered or invincible.

Also: Ajit
Akalka free from impurity, moonlight
Akanksha desire, wish
Akhila complete
Akriti diagram
Akshaya indestructible
Akshita seen
Akshitha annam prasadinche devatha
Aksithi (ऑक्सिटी)Imperishability; Enduring or occurring forever
Akuti princess
Alaka, Alka a girl with a lovely hair
Alaknanda a river in the Himalayas
Alisha Protected by God; Sweet Dawn
Alka lock of curly hair
Almas a diamond
Alopa faultless
Alpa little
Alpana a decorative design
Amala, Amla the pure one
Amani road, one who shows the path
Amari eternal
Amarta immortality
Amba Parvati
Ambalika mother, one who is sensitive
Ambika Goddess Parvati
Ambu water
Ambuda cloud
Ambuja born of a Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi
Amita limitless
Amithi immeasurable
Amoda happiness
Amodini (अमोदिनी)Happy girl
Amrapali famous courtesan who became a devotee of Buddha
Amrita immortality
Amritkala nectarine art
Amrusha sudden
Amshula sunny
Anagha sinless
Anahita graceful
Anala fiery
Anamika ring-finger
Anandalakshmi goddess of happiness
Anandamayi full of joy
Anandi jovial
Anandini joyful
Anandita happy
Anantha, Anantya endless, eternal
Ananya (अनन्या)Matchless
Anasuya without spite or envy
Anathi modest, respectful
Anavi kind to people
Anaya misfortune, adversity and without a superior or not conducted by anyone
Anchal the decorative end of a sari
Anchita honoured, worshipped
Angana handsome woman
Angarika flame coloured flower, Palash or Flame of the Forest
Anhithi gift, donation
Anindita beautiful
Aninditha virtuous, venerated
Anisha (अनिशा)Continuous; Eternal and everlasting flame. Anisha in the Indian culture and mythology is also another one of the many names of Godess Laxmi.
Anita grace
Anjali (अंजलि, अञ्जली)Divine offering with hands folded together. It is also a name given to the greeting between Hindus & Buddhists.
Anjalika one of Arjuna's arrows
Anjana mother of Hanuman
Anjil (अंजिल)Anjil is derived from Anjan - which means Devdut
Anju one who lives in heart
Anjushri, Anjushree dear to one's heart
Ankita conquered, a signet, symbol
Ankitha with auspicious marks
Annapurna Goddess Parvati; generous with food
Anokhi (अनोखी)Unique
Anshula sunny
Antara the second note in Hindustani classical music
Antini living in a hermitage
Anuga a companion
Anula not wild, gentle
Anulekha one who follows destiny
Anuma (अनुमा)The process of inferring something
Anumati consent
Anunitha courtesy
Anupama unique, unparalleled
Anuprabha brightness
Anuradha a bright star
Anuragini beloved
Anurati consent
Anusha beautiful morning, a star
Anushri pretty
Anusri glorious, famous
Anuva knowldege
Anwesha quest
Anya (अन्या)Inexhaustible; Gracious; Bringing Goodness
Apala most beautiful
Aparajita undefeated
Aparijita undefeated; name of a flower
Aparna Goddess Parvati
Apeksha expected
Apsara celestial maiden
Aradhana worship
Aradhya (आराध्य)In Sanskrit, Aradhya means "first one" or "one worth worshiping".
Arati hymns sang in praise of god
Arati, Aaarti worship
Archa worship
Archana (अर्चना)Worship
Archisha a ray of light
Archita one who is worshipped
Ariktha fulfilled
Arpana surrendered
Arpita (अर्पिता)Dedicate
Arshia heavenly
Arth (आर्थ )Like an eagle.
Aruna dawn
Arundhathi fidelity
Arundhati a star
Arunima glow of dawn
Arushi dawn, red sky in the early morning
Asavari name of a raga or melody
Aseema, Ashima limitless
Asgari devotee
Asha hope
Ashakiran ray of hope
Ashalata creeper of hope
Ashavari name of a raaga
Ashna friend
Ashoka without grief
Ashritha dependant
Ashwani (अश्वनी)Strong, complete; Name of a star; Daughter of a sun.
Ashwini (अश्विनी)One of the constallations. Name of a star.
Asita the river Yamuna
Aslesha a star
Asmita pride
Asvika a little mare
Atasi a blue flower
Atreyi name of a river
Avani Earth
Avani, Abani earth
Avanti ancient Malwa; Ujjain
Avantika city of Ujjain
Ayesha wife of the Prophet
Aysha (आयशा)Woman. Life. Aisha was the name of the favorite wife of the prophet Mohameed
Ayushmati (आयुष्मति)One who has a long life